Welcome to the Baskerville Pups— an online forum and blog for Sherlockians, Watsonians, and Doylians alike. We welcome all backgrounds, young and old, to delve into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s (and Granada Television’s) Sherlock Holmes. Adaptations and and other strays we take not lightly, because “to a great mind, nothing is little.” Follow our cases!


The Problem of Thor Bridge by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Written by Jim Clelland (@UrbanSpaceMan64) and Monique Boodram (@TriflesAndEggs) The Problem of Thor Bridge, which first appeared in 1922, is one of my favourite Sherlock Holmes short stories from the collection “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes” first published in the Strand Magazine. It features an unhappy marriage, a hot-blooded Brazilian wife, a late-night meeting, a…

Shadows of Sherlock Holmes edited by David Stuart Davies- A Review

Written by Jim Clelland (@UrbanSpaceman64) Shadows of Sherlock Holmes is a slightly misleading title as none of the short stories featured in the book have anything to do with Sherlock Holmes. It is merely that some of the stories take place in the time of Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary Barker Street detective. In The Shadow…

Sherlock Holmes and the Conundrum of Conan Doyle- Play Review

Written by Jim Clelland (@UrbanSpaceman64) We stand and we wait. There is nothing else to do. There are a lot of people waiting outside the entrance. Some are chatting with friends and acquaintances, some are smiling, some are silent, staring into the distance lost in their own thoughts. As we stand and wait, a small…


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