The Baskerville Pups 101

“Watson. Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.”

― Adventure of the Creeping Man


It’s a simple plan. The Baskerville Pups are recruiting “Pups.” The only requirement needed is your interest: no prior knowledge, no expertise, just your presence.

As we widen our knowledge of this Doylian literature, the Pups will find pleasurable matters, favorite quotes, stories, and mind-boggling plots. Some might find note worthy advise from the sleuth himself. The outcomes and discoveries will be grand!

We invite members of thirteen years and older; the community is an online one, so all humans ’round the world are welcome to join by the click of a button (charges may apply to extraterrestrial planets and moons… just kidding)!

Becoming a Pup is easy: you just need a WordPress, Goodreads, and/or Medium and Twitter account if you want to participate in the discussion forums.

If you want to talk with us on WordPress (WP), you’d use your WP account. Want to participate in the Goodreads club? Great! Just hop onto your Goodreads account (which is wonderful to share your favorite books and reading challenges— highly recommended!). Perhaps you are taking writing classes with Doctor Watson: do you have an article? Pitch to our Medium publication! Or maybe you want to join us on our Twitter, where you can find many more Sherlockians and other 221B endeavors. (It would also be greatly appreciated for your profile to be constant, with your name and a memorable, but decent profile picture for better relations among the group.)

Speaking of interactions among the Pups, we aught to lay out some ground rules, to keep things friendly and appropriate for all.


As user’s of WordPress, Goodreads, Medium, and Twitter, we comply to their guidelines. Please take a moment to read them here:

In short, the Baskerville Pups will not tolerate not safe for work (NSFW) content anywhere, on any of our platforms. Pups must be respectful to all users. We are against discrimination of any type. One must able to understand these morals both generally and specifically before becoming a member of this society, because we anticipate good citizens of the internet. If the rules are broken, red flags will be raised and the user will be removed and banned if necessary.

No Doctor Roylott’s allowed!


We will read a book a month. Before starting the book reads, the kick-starting month shall start with an introduction to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes’ background.

The monthly themes will be introduced and discussed on this WordPress platform, on a post. The Pups will come together to plan the activities and group research.

The discussions that we decided on here will then be created on our Goodreads book-club, since the forum formats may be better organized.

By the end of the month, our editor (and Pups if they choose to write) will make a summarizing article (or more) on Medium, based on the monthly theme.

Subscribe to our YouTube!


That’s a wrap, folks. We hope you enjoy your time here as a Baskerville Pup. We will learn so much along the way, making new friends and colleagues, all the while having a most pleasurable experience! Cheerio!

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