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Discussion 1 Continuation: Starting with Doyle and the Order

The discussion continues on our Goodreads group. You can also follow along here, as we watch the YouTube playlist and read the webpage.

The Baskerville Pups

Before the end of the month, let’s aim for these goals, so we can get the game afoot-ing… so we can press on.

Recruiting Pups

The litter basket is empty! Come introduce yourselves and make yourselves at home. If you or someone you know is looking for some reading fun, take a trip to 221B Baker Street with the Baskerville Pups. Spread the word so we can reach to everyone, especially the youths who can add something fun to their summer holiday. This club can boost interactions and interest in literature and surprisingly, science. The Baskerville Pups is all about discovery, and at the end of it all, we want to help the Pups find something that would have an everlasting and positive effect on them.

Side note! Experienced Sherlockians are more than welcome to come guide the Pups as they read, learn, and play.

Some Background


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