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Baskerville Pups Calendar Update on Chronology

Hello Pups:

Last week our goals were to get together and plan with a calendar. However we have a new, interesting discussion that arose— chronology.

There are two paths to take: follow along the order in which the books were originally published by Sir Doyle… OR we can take an adventurous trip, following the order in which the events in the Canon have taken place.

Take the link which I have referred to in the Twitter poll; it goes in accordance to the publication dates.

The pros of following the order according to Penlighten, is minute and simple.

We can follow how Sir Doyle planned his Sherlockian universe with the twists of starting from where Watson met Holmes, and then with time, they learn more about each other throughout the chronicles, telling each other about their past(s).

That seems like a plan, but why consider the other option? Elementary.

Thank you Ms Margie for the resources; they were rather helpful!

The timeline of events (Monique do not mention Marvel please… totally inappropriate…) were not placed in chronological order by Sir Doyle, so Sherlockians decided to put the events in the Canon in their respective dates. Some adventures came before Dr Watson, yet we learn about these cases a bit later on in the Canon.

I propose that following the timeline mended by Sherlockians is a great way to get involved in understanding the stories and take part in Sherlock-nanigans! Imagine comparing the publication dates and our timeline of events hand in hand. There will be more to discuss and more discoveries to share… why you agree or disagree… where there’s an error or not… who knows.

However, will this be to difficult to follow for the Pups?

Before I make the decision for myself, I would like to learn about the Pups’ opinions. Below are some resourceful Sherlockian chronologist links which helped me understand the timeline of cases much more. If you’re not familiar, that’s quite alright. We are going to learn about it together, so don’t panic. The game’s afoot! Comment below— tweet us— post on Goodreads!

The Sherlockian Guild

A Basic Timeline of Terra 221B: The Timeline by Sherlock Peoria

The Norwood Builder Canon Timeline

Written by Monique Boodram, founder and editor in chief.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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