Sherlockiana Abbreviations

Hello Baskerville Pups:

Referring to the stories by their full names is quite fine if you want to type the entire title out. However, Sherlockians use these helpful abbreviations. As explained on The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia:

In order to facilitate the study of Sherlock Holmes, the title of the 62 stories have been reduced to 4 letters. Jay Finley Christ did it for 60 stories in 1947. We have added 2 for The Field Bazaar and How Watson Learned the Trick.

Abbreviations are built on a simple rule: take the 4 first letters of the title, ignoring “The … of”.

The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

Monique created a table of the abbreviations that can be found on The ACD Encyclopedia. Feel free to download it and keep it with you during our discussions:


We will see you next week. Don’t miss the conversations on our Goodreads club. Currently, we are deciding on the order in which we should read the Canon, as well as getting to know each other better. Au revoir!

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