Book Discussion · The Sign of Four (SIGN)

The Sign of Four (SIGN)

Last month, we covered Sir Arthur’s first Sherlock Holmes’ story, A Study in Scarlet (STUD). The Pups kickstarted with some rather engrossing conversations; as the days went by, we shared our favorite parts of the story. The read went very quickly, but the Baskerville Pups must now move on to The Sign of Four (SIGN). (Please note that STUD’s forum will stay open until the end of this month, if you have some reading to catch up on.)

In STUD, we saw the start of Holmes and Watson’s friendship. SIGN shows us more of this, with the addition of Mary Morstan, Holmes’ client. She presents a curious case, and requests the presence of the consulting detective and his sidekick before starting what would soon become a memorable adventure. The game’s afoot— meet us at Pondicherry Lodge! (Scroll for more..)

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Welcome to the Baskerville Pups— an online forum for novices in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. The canon of fifty-six short stories and four novels is quite a mountain to climb; so, becoming a fluent Sherlockian could take some time. We welcome all backgrounds, young and old, to group together here and on our forums to delve into the Sherlock Holmes universe, taking it one book at a time. Our community stretches from WordPress, Goodreads and Medium. We will read a book a month. Before starting the book reads, the kick-starting month shall start with an introduction to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes' background. The monthly themes will be introduced and discussed on this WordPress platform, on a post. The Pups will come together to plan the activities and group research. The discussions that we decided on WordPress will then be created on our Goodreads book-club here, since the forum formats may be better organized. By the end of the month, our editor (and Pups if they choose to write) will make a summarizing article (or more) on Medium, based on the monthly theme.

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The Sign of Four
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