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Baskerville Collections #1: Department 56 Literary Classics

This holiday season I received several treasures, which I would love to share with you over my course of time with the Baskerville Pups. First in the series is the lovely Department 56, “Sherlock Holmes 221B Baker Street”. It is part of the Literary Classics collection of porcelain works. I absolutely adore decorative houses, but this one touches the Sherlockian heart.

The hansom cab came complementary to the 221B box set (The Dickens Village Series). I love the fine details on all pieces. The violin and spyglass in the window adds spark to it. The tree and Sherlock Holmes tag is a separate piece, but I’ve had fun putting them in (along with the bulb inside). The set sits next to me as a I write this, and will stay with me for a very long time.

I will keep you posted, and share more of my collection throughout the year. I hope you enjoyed the gallery. Please check our website out for more Sherlock Holmes content.

221B Baker Street Set!

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