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Merry Christmas From the Baskerville Pups

Season’s greeting my friends! It’s the most wonderful time of year to discuss The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle (…and The Adventure of The Laughing Jarvey, if you are a fan of Stephen Fry’s work).

We had a wonderful BLUE challenge this year, with admirable support from our members Ms Margie Deck and Barbara. Thank you for reading with us! Special thanks to all who followed us throughout the year on Twitter as well.

To the Sherlockian community, do accept our kindest holiday wishes, from ours to yours. Presented below is a special Christmas greeting and Jeremy Brett animation which I made this month to send to our community on this wonderful day. Enjoy!

For those who are interested in the 221B set, I started a Baskerville Collections Series where you can view the gallery. If you are interested in seeing more Sherlock Holmes video content, check out our YouTube, where we keep playlists of the best Sherlock Holmes archives.

Baskerville Collections:


Merry Christmas, Sherlockians!

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