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221B My Boswell

Welcome to this “Valentine’s” edition of The Baskerville Pups! Today we’ll be filling you in about all the Sherlockian shenanigans we’ve been up to, so you can carry on your day thinking about Sherlock… and the 221B gang.

1. Street Arab Conversations

We are extremely close to finishing our discussions on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, leaving us with NOBL, BERY, and COPP. We had some rather interesting discussions about social and historical context in the Canon as we read SPEC, YELL, and so forth. I had fun with ENGI because I found out there are some videos on YouTube about Sherlockian Myth Busters; they investigated the controversial thumb chopping event. Fun chats!

2. Jeremy and…?

Let’s play a game! Here’s a picture with Jeremy Brett and the leading actresses from season one of the Granada series. Can you name them, along with their roles and episodes?

We will share the correct answers in our next post coming up in March… or you can check out our Twitter thread on it. Don’t forget to follow!

Baskerville Reviews

This year we’ll start something a bit new: book reviews. MX Publishing has proposed a generous idea to the Baskerville community. I will be writing tri-monthly reviews, based on my unbiased criticism and your opinions.

I opened a new forum on Goodreads to discuss the books and listen to each others thoughts on them. Our categories will include books and pastiches from MX Publishing, along with some more detective works (fiction and not). In my posts, I hope to include your thoughts, so please do leave a comment or two on our Goodreads club.

My first book of choice was Jeremy Brett- Playing a Part by Maureen Whittaker. As a fan of Jeremy Brett’s work, I’m finding it wonderful. I’ve read about his childhood, education, theatrical career, and personal life. I am excited to read more and share my favorite parts with you (without spoiling it). I’ll be posting as @agentmfaith when I’m done around the tides of March, so do look out for it!

And Now, Art

When I’m at a lose end, I either write or sketch. I’ve had my fun animating a Granada Sherlock flipbook video, but now it can get difficult to find time to actually draw at least 60 frames to make a small notion of a motion. So here’s two still pictures I drew this year:

You can find more of my art on our Twitter page, and if you or someone you know has some work to showcase, please tag us @baskervillepups on Twitter, or contact us to get featured on the Medium publication.

A Continuation of the Reminisces of The Baskerville Pups

It’s splendid to see the community expand, and we thank you for the continuous support. We’ll be having Sherlockian features as usual, and will always be at our post on Goodreads, chatting away about Holmes and Watson.

Special thanks to these wonderful folks for being a part of the Baskerville Pups:

  • Margie Deck
  • Barbara
  • Ellie
  • Jim
  • MX Publishing
  • And all of you!

We’ll be here, investigating Sherlockian matters and fun items of interest.

Our Goodreads club is always open to new members, and we love suggestions. Recommend us a book or send a friend request; Goodreads is a great place for book lovers… and we sometimes talk about films too.

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Cheerio my dear friends! We’ll see you next post. Do comment, like, and share!

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