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Hearing of Sherlock Everywhere

~Interacting With Sherlockians~

Recently, Twitter created a space called “Communities,” where people can discuss their favorite topics in these spaces. We at the Baskerville Pups heard about it when the podcasters “I Here of Sherlock Everywhere” invited us to their Sherlock Holmes community. Then MX Publishing made one and we eventually followed. So now we are on Goodreads, Medium, Tumblr, and Twitter. Seems like quite a lot of places to be, making an obvious promoting scheme look obvious.

Here’s what: all of these social media platforms have their ups and downs, and using one of them all depends on what mood we are in. Simply, we are going to rate platforms based on Sherlockian activities and accessibility. This is unlike Sherlockian conferences and meeting because social media is making our discussions and sharing of ideas something of a daily basis. It’s wonderful to pop onto the computer (or phone) to see your home-feed full of Sherlockian posts!


The idea that Goodreads has is excellent. It’s the Facebook of bibliophilia. Users can share what books they are reading and their ratings. Share your progress, share your comments. It has book giveaways, friend requests, and of course, book clubs. There is a vast amount of literature topics to discuss on there. The forums made it easy for book lovers to chat. Now comes the “however.” However, this space is a limited platform, mostly for text type chats. What is meant, is that, firstly, the user is limited to chat about books, mostly. Secondly, the user cannot post images or media (links are welcome).

Referring to the second paragraph of this article which you hopefully do remember, we are concerned about these ease of access and content overall. From personal experience, do not try to use the mobile app unless you are into complex and tragic apps that do not update frequently. As for the website, you will enjoy writing comments and hoping that the page does not freeze. As we said, Goodreads has a great idea, but the platform needs some serious updates.

Archive of Our Own

It’s like Goodreads, except it really is an archive. AO3 is mostly for fandom and fan fiction writing. You click one link it takes you to another and so forth. Fun stuff! We will update you on our adventures on AO3 soon (waiting for account request to be fulfilled on the 15th of April, hopefully…)


Now before we get into this one, let’s just remember that Medium is not a discussion or social media platform per se. It’s a blogging platform where anyone can create an account and post articles on. The Baskerville Pups uses the publications tool and posts our interviews on there.

What’s great about the publication tool is that one can have different authors for one publication (and before you ask, no, we do not pay or hire or do business, our apologies). Like AO3 and Goodreads combined, a Sherlockian can use their writing skills (and can add media, links, etc.) to share their opinions on Sherlockiana, post fan fictions, or basically write about anything Sherlockian or Doylian. 


This is where it gets tricky. Gen Z probably loves this platform, and the Sherlockian stuff on here soars. There’re Sherlock lovers, Jeremy Brett admirers, and basically any fandom you can think about. You get to post blog posts, GIFs (oh yeah), images, videos, audio, (I think that’s it). You get to tag your friends and create hashtags. Does this sound familiar to you? You bet. It’s quite similar to Twitter, with the exception that there are no word limits and Tumblr is not as established as Twitter.

The Tumblr atmosphere is quiet and calm. It’s mostly anonymous users or folks under different aliases that use Tumblr. The features are basic. If you are familiar with Pinterest, you might notice that some posts are usually shared on both, vice versa. It’s a great way to get GIFs for your favorite Sherlockian moments (please do credit the creators).

Speaking of GIFs, there are so many amazing artists on Tumblr to support! They create great fanfiction cartoons and sketches. We think once you create an account and start following your favorite tags and other users, your feed would be full of Sherlockian media and text. The fandoms are not limited to one thing, so you are destined to find something new.

There is still a lot to explore on this platform, so we will update you on this.

Who’s Your Favorite?

We are seeing so much potential on Twitter, with the Revue newsletter, our communities, and even spaces where we can chat in real time! So we want to hear from you and where you enjoy posting Sherlockian stuff.

About the Revue newsletter.

We have 220 followers on Twitter, and we are rather grateful for the support. Twitter just teamed up with Revue newsletters, allowing these active followers to simply hit the subscribe button and receive Sherlockian content straight in their inbox. This would be a great way for us to make better interactions with the community, and we might have the chance to post more often, as opposed to publishing here, then on Medium, and finally sharing to the majority on Twitter.

Let’s try this experiment! Tomorrow we’ll post this article (with extras) on Revue to see how it works. If you want to be a part of this, please do subscribe!


See you soon!

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