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Hearing of Sherlock Everywhere

~Interacting With Sherlockians~ Recently, Twitter created a space called "Communities," where people can discuss their favorite topics in these spaces. We at the Baskerville Pups heard about it when the podcasters "I Here of Sherlock Everywhere" invited us to their Sherlock Holmes community. Then MX Publishing made one and we eventually followed. So now we… Continue reading Hearing of Sherlock Everywhere

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221B My Boswell

Welcome to this "Valentine's" edition of The Baskerville Pups! Today we'll be filling you in about all the Sherlockian shenanigans we've been up to, so you can carry on your day thinking about Sherlock... and the 221B gang. 1. Street Arab Conversations We are extremely close to finishing our discussions on The Adventures of Sherlock… Continue reading 221B My Boswell

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Onto 2022 with the Baskerville Pups

The new year is in! We solved many cases together last year. This year we would like to add some new features and announce some updates. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes For the Blue Carbuncle reading challenge, we finished the first seven books in this short story collection. We plan on continuing the series until… Continue reading Onto 2022 with the Baskerville Pups

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Pups

Happy Thanksgiving friends! It's that time of year when we show how much we are thankful for each other, and how much we have progressed in reading the Canon together, on the Baskerville Pups. Besides the need to have our monthly updates sent to our subscribers, we would also like to show our gratitude for… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from the Pups

Book Discussion · The Sign of Four (SIGN)

The Sign of Four (SIGN)

Last month, we covered Sir Arthur's first Sherlock Holmes' story, A Study in Scarlet (STUD). The Pups kickstarted with some rather engrossing conversations; as the days went by, we shared our favorite parts of the story. The read went very quickly, but the Baskerville Pups must now move on to The Sign of Four (SIGN).… Continue reading The Sign of Four (SIGN)


New Survey for Sherlockians and Book Lovers

Good day everyone! A lovely thing about the Sherlockian world is the diversity of backgrounds you can find. For a student project, the Baskerville Pups will like to understand the community better. We created a survey, one for the US and one international, that gathers basic information about Sherlockians and book lovers. Your help is… Continue reading New Survey for Sherlockians and Book Lovers

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A Study in Scarlet (STUD)

Calling all Pups: This Sunday will start our A Study in Scarlet read. It's the first Sherlock Holmes book published by ACD. Besides the general discussions about what we enjoyed while we read and other what-nots, there are a few sections that would be of particular interest. Evidence for Holmes' DeductionsPeculiar Places or Things Mentioned… Continue reading A Study in Scarlet (STUD)

Adaptation Discussion

Baskerville Chat with MK Wiseman #1

Hi everyone, welcome to our chat with MK Wiseman! We hope you got a chance to read her lovely short story, Sherlock Holmes & the Case of Vittoria the Circus Belle (new abbreviation: VITT)! We'd like to thank MK for joining us; it's an absolute honour to have you as our first special guest and… Continue reading Baskerville Chat with MK Wiseman #1

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Special Pastiche Event with M.K. Wiseman

In tandem with Free Sherlock and the talented author M.K. Wiseman, the Baskerville Pups is hosting a discussion about her latest Sherlock Holmes short story, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Vittoria the Circus Belle. We welcome everyone to join us on our Goodreads club to have a nice social chat with us Sherlockians! The… Continue reading Special Pastiche Event with M.K. Wiseman


Sherlockiana Abbreviations

Hello Baskerville Pups: Referring to the stories by their full names is quite fine if you want to type the entire title out. However, Sherlockians use these helpful abbreviations. As explained on The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia: In order to facilitate the study of Sherlock Holmes, the title of the 62 stories have been reduced to… Continue reading Sherlockiana Abbreviations