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Hearing of Sherlock Everywhere

Recently, Twitter created a space called “Communities,” where people can discuss their favorite topics in these spaces. We at the Baskerville Pups heard about it when the podcasters “I Here of Sherlock Everywhere” invited us to their Sherlock Holmes community. Then MX Publishing made one and we eventually followed. So now we are on Goodreads,… Continue reading Hearing of Sherlock Everywhere

Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part

This year, The Baskerville Pups have been given the opportunity to share our thoughts on the works published by MX Publishing. To start, I chose Maureen Whittaker’s Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part. Some of you may be familiar with her first Jeremy Brett biography, Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes, which is a mere sample of… Continue reading Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part

221B My Boswell

Welcome to this “Valentine’s” edition of The Baskerville Pups! Today we’ll be filling you in about all the Sherlockian shenanigans we’ve been up to, so you can carry on your day thinking about Sherlock… and the 221B gang. 1. Street Arab Conversations We are extremely close to finishing our discussions on The Adventures of Sherlock… Continue reading 221B My Boswell

Baskerville Collections #1: Department 56 Literary Classics

This holiday season I received several treasures, which I would love to share with you over my course of time with the Baskerville Pups. First in the series is the lovely Department 56, “Sherlock Holmes 221B Baker Street”. It is part of the Literary Classics collection of porcelain works. I absolutely adore decorative houses, but… Continue reading Baskerville Collections #1: Department 56 Literary Classics

The Sign of Four (SIGN)

Last month, we covered Sir Arthur’s first Sherlock Holmes’ story, A Study in Scarlet (STUD). The Pups kickstarted with some rather engrossing conversations; as the days went by, we shared our favorite parts of the story. The read went very quickly, but the Baskerville Pups must now move on to The Sign of Four (SIGN).… Continue reading The Sign of Four (SIGN)


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