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Happy Thanksgiving from the Pups

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

It’s that time of year when we show how much we are thankful for each other, and how much we have progressed in reading the Canon together, on the Baskerville Pups. Besides the need to have our monthly updates sent to our subscribers, we would also like to show our gratitude for the support and sense of community shown. Our Twitter has very nice Thanksgiving mentions, and we would love to share.

Before we do that, we had some interesting conversations about The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on our forum, and we’re currently reading The Adventure of the Five Orange Pips. Quite compelling (and chilling if you want to discuss children crying in chimneys). Link below!

Looking forward to having some more participants for next month’s #BlueCarbuncleChallenge! Don’t forget to check out our other projects for more Sherlockian fun:

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